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Welcome to the Hosted Buyer registration form


The application will take about 15-20 minutes to complete (please note that the registration system does not save application drafts, so each application should be completed at once). As part of the application you will be asked for the following:

·         Your personal and company details

·         Your passport details for accurate travel information.

·         Some past and future events organised in order to demonstrate you qualify as a hosted buyer.

Hosted Buyer Reg Description:  






Please answer the following questions about your company or organisation 

Organisation Type:*

Your level of responsibility:*

Please indicate your position in the company:*

Industry Sector:*


How many events do you organise per year?


Average attendance at your events


What is the annual budget for events you or your team are responsible for in EUR?

Types of events organised (you can select multiple choices):*

Please indicate any special interests for your events:*


Which products and services suppliers are you interested in meeting at CONVENE? (you can select multiple choices):*

Which countries of the Baltic Sea Region you are interested in? (you can select multiple choices):*

Are you a member of any trade associations? (you can select multiple choices):


Please provide details of two recent international events you have organised that took place outside your country

Past Event 1 Outside Your Country


Type of Event:*


Past Event 2 Outside Your Country


Type of Event:*


Please provide details of two future events you will organise outside your home country. The listed future events should include any events that you would like to discuss with suppliers at CONVENE.

Future Event 1 Outside Your Country


Type of Event:*


Future Event 2 Outside Your Country


Type of Event:*


The following destinations will be hosting post event Familiarisation Tours (13-15 February 2020):


Hosted Buyers are accepted by the host destination on the basis that they meet the determined criteria. All information regarding accommodation and flight details will be provided by CONVENE organisers. Places are limited for each fam tour, which is why we ask hosted buyers to indicate their alternative choices when selecting a destination. Please note that hosted buyers can participate in both the pre-CONVENE tour and one of the post-CONVENE tours.



Would you be interested in attending the fam tour before/after the event?:*



If yes, please indicate which of the following destinations you would like to attend a fam tour in the order of preference: 



Post-Tour First Choice:

Post-Tour Second Choice:


Do you know someone who might be a potential Hosted Buyer for (might be interested in attending) CONVENE 2020?


Recommend a colleague and we will send them a personal invitation via email.


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Colleague 2:


I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the hosted buyer Terms & Conditions, including the Cancellation and No-Show policy.*

Hosted Buyer Terms & Conditions: * 


By submitting this form, you agree that the personal data in this form will be processed by CONVENE organisers for the purposes of completing the Data Processing Agreement in accordance with our Privacy Policy

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